Sweet Sin

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surprise your friends at rock paper scissors by throwing a punch instead
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surprise your friends at rock paper scissors by throwing a punch instead

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mercury is analytical, able to judge those around them to be able to feel more in control of their surroundings. they're realistic in their comparisons of what they want in their life, working to propose suggestions on how to make their own lives better. they're often discerning, observant, and well-informed, as well as natural teachers and communicators. they can be sticklers for rules and often dedicate themselves to causes and won't stop until they've achieved what the goal is that they're after.

analytical ☾ communicative ☾ ethical ☾ arrogant ☾ travelbug

venus is sensitive, often impacted by their environment. they're very good at repressing their feelings, particularly anger, instead of expressing it when the time is right. venus is loving and often very even-tempered, seeking peace and harmony and don't often want to make any rifts. they care about people to the strongest degree, and try to often improve the lives of the people they care about through their ability to see beyond themselves. they can see all sides of an issue, which makes them often very indecisive. they're known to minimize their own importance, which leads to them not often realizing that their actions have consequences.

cheerful ☾ easy-going ☾ optimistic ☾ indecisive ☾ diplomatic

earth is known to nurture others and minister to the needs of those around them. their self-esteem depends often on others and how they are perceived and appreciated. they're sensitive and intuitive, which often leads to them becoming far too dependent on others. with those that they care about, they tend to be possessive, which at times can turn to being manipulative if they feel their needs are not being met. for the most part, however, earths have a good soul and get meaning from being around those that they love.

generous ☾ empathetic ☾ nurturing ☾ possessive ☾ well-meaning

mars are strong and powerful, and known for their ability and drive to defeat obstacles that come into their path. often extremely independent, they're energetic and tend to take on a leader position. they take the underdog under their wing, and bring a lust for life to everything that they do. they can be overbearing at times, and tend to be driven to annoyance by those who are weaker than they are. they refuse to admit mistakes, more often than not, and often are found provoking conflict to test their limits and the limits of others. they tend to dominate conversation as well as many other fields in their life.

independent ☾ courageous ☾ confident ☾ combative ☾ tireless

jupiter is generous and optimistic, often trying to focus on the positive aspects of their life. they like to imagine new possibilities and find themselves trying out new talents and abilities. they tend to appreciate and enjoy life, looking at the bigger picture and the future. they love to tell stories, and are known for being somewhat long-winded. they do tend to be hyperactive, which leads to skimming over the surface and jumping from task to task. at times, they're unable to stick to a routine, and tend to indulge themselves and those around them often. they have grandiose visions which are often confused with their reality.

adventurous ☾ uninibited ☾ versatile ☾ impatient ☾ hyperactive

saturn is cautious and careful. they are known to doubt things and are fully aware of life's hazards and problems. they are very good at planning, and yet they're wary of the unknown and the possibilities that might come up. they are dedicated and loyal, often hard-working and they fulfill their promises. they tend to stay in line and not offend authority or break many rules. they can be dominated by their fears and anxieties, which might push them to be workaholics. yet, at times, they might take risks when they see the need to step ahead, if it will help them in return.

dedicated ☾ hard-worker ☾ practical ☾ anxious ☾ responsible

uranus withdraws into their shell more than others. they guard themselves heavily, and try not to rely on others, though there are often a select few that they will trust. they are a storehouse of wisdom and ideas, and are often able to rise above to present a compassionate, impartial view of a situation. however, their independence may lead them into isolation and disassociation with their own feelings. they may hold imaginary fears of rejection, and are often seen as carrying themselves as more superior than others, even if they do not see themselves that way in reality.

scientific ☾ cerebral ☾ original ☾ alienating ☾ knowledge-hungry

neptune lives on feelings and imagination. they are artists and non-conformists, often gifted with creativity. they tend to be highly sympathetic and compassionate, and often are seen as living in a world of their own. they're sensitive to beauty that other people might not notice, and they want to experience all that life has to offer. however, they tend to idealize people and situations, which can lead to extreme crashes of disappointment that will then lead them to isolation and alienation. they can follow paths of self-destructive melancholy if they are not careful, yet everything that they experience leads to their artistic mill.

intuitive ☾ spiritual ☾ artistic ☾ depressive ☾ aesthetic

pluto is goal oriented. they seek success and a high profile. they're extremely confident and ambitious, and are often the leaders within their lives. they set high goals and expect themselves and those around them to meet their goals. the main concern of pluto is to create and maintain a successful image, as well as to win the game that they see life as. they may portray this image to make up for a sense of inadequacy, and the portrayal that they put into the world may be more important to them than the reality of who they truly are. they seek victory and recognition at all costs, even if it means through manipulation.

ambitious ☾ adaptable ☾ pragmatic ☾ arrogant ☾success-oriented

World's collide we carry on. Jumping the wire. Through a tunnel filled with smoke. We can walk through the fire. And they can try, they can try. Take a knife, shut the light. Over my head, over my head. But I've got love. My world, my world won't cry. It's standing strong like I. Build up a thousand miles. I'll never let it go.
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